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Infrastructure Planning

Our experience means we deliver advice on projects quickly, comprehensively and cost-effectively.

Sectors and Services
Planning, Infrastructure and Regeneration

Our specialist team has extensive experience in advising those carrying out development, as well as those who oppose it. We provide our clients with strategic and tactical advice on planning matters and planning procedure.

Major Projects

Major projects are being developed by the public and private sectors with increasing regularity. Delivered successfully they can bring significant social, economic and environmental benefits to communities. By their very nature, however, these projects are complex and many stakeholders are involved in their consideration.

Using expertise across the firm, we will help you to secure the necessary consents and permissions you need through to procurement, construction and operation. Advice on the law, strategy, public affairs and communications is given by our team during the entire life cycle of a project.

We can also advise on the implications of Brexit on Infrastructure planning.

Brexit FAQs